Fabric Trends Forecast the Direction of Interior Design

October 11, 2013 General 0 Comments

Fabric Tend ForecastFabric trends showcase the direction of color, pattern and overall style in the field of interior design. The latest textile offerings in designer showrooms reveal a "split personality" of sorts—the modern influence remains strong but interpretations of traditional themes are also making an impact. Neutral palettes as well as textured patterns and color are making waves, often integrated brilliantly in a single design. Exciting new trends include ethnic motifs such as African and chinoiserie; animal prints, including leopard and giraffe; vintage influences; geometrics; and the newly emerging digitally generated photorealist fabrics.

Bold Is Beautiful

Adding exotic flair to a room, vibrant fabrics are a favorite among interior designers. Especially big on the scene is a fabric design known as Ikat. The product of a unique weaving process, these striking patterns range from simple circular designs to elaborately woven paisley motifs, and they add verve to any decor. Another hot trend is stripes—often reinterpreted in a chevron design and woven texture, these geometric patterns evoke energy and vibrancy. Florals are making an appearance as well, often set on a white background that gives them a romantic touch. But lest patterns become too much of a good thing, these bold textiles are often paired with calming neutrals.

The Trend Is Texture

With clients desiring "touchable" fabrics that suggest comfort and warmth, interior designers are responding with a variety of textures. A unifying element among the current trending fabric designs is a richness of weave—or in the case of lush velvet that can be seen throughout designer showrooms, burnout designs that give the appearance of texture. Intricately woven jacquard patterns and designs inspired by ethnic embroidery just beg to be touched. Natural-tone linen is also making its presence known in recently introduced fabric collections, often reinterpreted with a woven motif. But designers are also mindful that clients expect durability, so they are incorporating patterns and textures into fabrics that resist soiling.

Color Holds the Key

Color is, again, key in emerging fabric trends, further echoing that split personality. Neutrals such as beige, cream and off-white, extending to shades of grey, provide a balance to a palette of rich colors. Although eye-popping brights are toned down this year, saturated hues are still taking center stage. Emerald green has recently been named color of the year by Pantone, and several shades of green are appearing in interior design showrooms—including deep teal and viridian along with soft mint and apple green. Blue is also big—royal blue, cobalt and turquoise add a sense of modern chic to the updated palette. Another popular hue in newly introduced fabric collections is salmon pink, along with its complementary shades of pale coral and melon. Black and white, a perennially favorite duo, is back on the scene, often accented with a splash of red.

An emerging and exciting trend to be on the lookout for is digitally generated photorealist fabrics. Designs are created using existing artwork or photographs that are scanned and then digitally manipulated to create a new image. As the trend in bold graphic fabric design evolves, with images such as stylized numbers, florals, urban landscapes and even dog designs making an impact, expect to see designers creating custom patterns for their clients that incorporate their own personal photos and mementos.

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