Joining The Online Communication Design Community

October 1, 2013 General 0 Comments

Online Communication Design CommunityCurious about the field of communication design? If you’re looking for information on education options or career opportunities, or just want to know what communication design is all about, the first step is to explore the online design community.

By exploring communication design on the web, you can learn about people who are active in the field and what it’s like to be part of the industry. You can also learn how to shape your digital identity so you can connect with other people who are interested in design.

Here are some of the ways you can learn about communication design online.

Start with AIGA

You might already be familiar with AIGA, or the American Institute of Graphic Arts, which is a professional organization for members of the design community. AIGA has a detailed website that makes a great starting point for beginners. 

Under the “Why Design?” tab, you can find great articles on important design topics written by experts, plus links to external resources. For more info on specific topics, look under “Tools and Resources.”

Get Linked to Communication Design

Use your LinkedIn account to search for communication design groups. By joining professional groups, you can connect to communication design professionals, take part in group discussions, access group resources, and more.

Examples of communication design LinkedIn groups are:

The International Council of Communication Design, a non-profit network of organizations and professionals.

Communication Arts, a group that helps inspire and connect different types of design professionals.

Creative Design Pros, which holds active discussions, compiles job postings and more.

Add Design to Your Feed

Another way to explore communication design in social media is to like pages on Facebook, follow users on Twitter, and follow boards and pinners on Pinterest.

For example, liking pages such as “Design” or “Art & Design” on Facebook can add images, quotes and more content to your Facebook feed. Just start a search for pages and refine the search criteria to locate pages that use words like “design.” Similarly, you can search for professional designers and design firms on Twitter to get some insight into what communication designers think, read and do.

On Pinterest, search for “communication design” and filter by pin, board or pinner to explore the results. This can help you find examples of real design work as well as design tips and other resources.

What are some other ways you can investigate and even join the online communication design community? Keep looking and see what you can find.


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