Black And White Photographs: Ways To Create Impact In Your Living Room

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Create Impact In Your Living RoomUsing black and white photographs to decorate your living space is a great way to celebrate the past and make it a part of your everyday living. Decorating with cherished moments captured in frames is also an inspired way to communicate the love you have for family, friends and beauty in the world around you. Your living room is probably the most frequented area in your house, so it's an ideal place to display your most treasured photographs. In fact, you may find that you spend more time in rooms decorated with black and white photographs because they're easy on the eyes and create a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.

Many homeowners use neutral colors and muted tones when decorating their living rooms; using black and white photographs is a simple and sophisticated way to add striking impact to that decor. Even if you have chosen strong accent colors, these photographs add depth and character that accentuate your color choices.

Take Your Own Photos

Even amateur photographers can take black and white photographs that are worthy of display in a home. The quality of digital cameras that allow you to take multiple shots has vastly improved to the point that many of the photos you take can be framed and used as art. And it takes a mere click of a button to discard photos that are unsuitable for display.

Taking your own photos and incorporating them into your living room décor is also economical; even students living on a tight budget can spruce up their space.

Lighting Is Key

The key to effectively displaying your photographs is to choose the right lighting. You can showcase your photos with track lighting, which allows you to aim a spotlight directly on the prints and also helps eliminate glare. You can also stop glare by using reduced-reflection or nonglare glass in your picture frames. Although it typically costs more than clear glass, nonglare glass is much less expensive than the anti-reflective glass that museums use!

Ideas For Displaying Photos

When displaying your photos, get creative but maintain symmetry and create a unified flow. It's OK to mix and match various sizes of frames, or you can create a grid of frames that are all the same size. Floating shelves are a nice display option, or you may prefer the more casual vibe created by stacking and leaning frames.

Black and white photographs are often displayed in either black or white frames, but you can create a truly vivid impact by choosing frames in a vibrant shade that contrasts with the photos themselves.

Decorating with beloved black and white photographs will make your living room feel warm and comfortable and add a truly personal touch to the place you call home.

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