How To Create Your Own Design Aesthetic For A Summer Party

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Create Your Own Design AestheticWhen it comes to throwing parties, your festivity's design aesthetic sets the tone. From the tablescape and bar setup to the lighting and party invitations, the elements of your design will influence how your guests feel — and act — once the party begins. Even though summer parties by their very nature are usually more relaxed and low-maintenance, you'll still want your event to feel stylish and pulled-together.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to consider is what sort of atmosphere you want to create — something sleek and airy? Colorful and bohemian? Preppy and all-American? Let these three tips guide you in designing your perfect summer party:

Tip 1: Use a creative color scheme.

Summer is a great time to take risks with color palette. Take a clue from interior designers, who know that bright, warm colors (think reds, oranges and pinks) encourage a lively, social atmosphere. By using bold colors in your design aesthetic, guests get the visual cue that this event is supposed to be fun and energetic. A palette of cool blues, grays and greens, on the other hand, is calming and welcoming to guests; it tells them that your get-together is low-key and intimate. Colors can be brought into your entertaining aesthetic in a number of ways, from table settings to floral arrangements. You can even include vibrant, fresh veggies or colorful cocktails on the menu.

Tip 2: Use lighting to create mood.

Making smart lighting choices is important to ensure that your party feels relaxed and festive. Summer is a great time for outdoor affairs, which give you an opportunity to try something a little different in the lighting department. The key is to create lighting that is glowing and warm, but not overwhelming. Whether you string up twinkling lights or ceiling-hung orbs, you want your lighting to tell your guests that your party is a special occasion. The home design blog Apartment Therapy, which Harrington Buzz lists as one of the most inspirational interior design blogs, rounds up 10 different summer-party lighting ideas to give readers inspiration for entertaining in style.

Tip 3: Remember that small details can have a big impact.

As any student of design can tell you — it's all in the details! From the typography used on your invitation to how your menu is presented to the glassware that you choose, even the smallest touches convey your intended ambiance. A few must-do details for summer parties include natural elements, seasonal flowers and fresh produce. For example, use straw and hemp materials in your place settings to lend a low-key summer feel to your tablescape. Fresh flowers and summer produce can be incorporated throughout the party, like bouquets of wildfowers, cucumbers in water pitchers or bowls of bright yellow lemons as centerpieces. The overall aesthetic should be unified, but not fussy or contrived.

Pulling It All Together

In creating a thoughtful aesthetic, your goal is to let your guests know what kind of party they are attending. For example, if you're throwing a party with a rustic aesthetic, choose a color palette of natural tans, blacks and blue-greens, and use those colors on your invitations to clue your guests into the party's theme before it begins. Once they arrive, let them find DIY lanterns using candles and mason jars, a menu written on a large chalkboard, twine ties instead of napkin rings and flowers held in old watering cans — these details tie the whole aesthetic together. And to carry it through to the very end, send your guests home with flower seeds as thank-you gifts.

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