Style Me Pretty: Secrets For Getting Your Wedding Photos Showcased

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Secrets For Wedding Photos Style Me Pretty is a popular wedding blog that provides inspiration for brides and wedding experts. It features real weddings and showcases all things wedding-related.

Did you know that you can submit your unique and inspirational wedding photos to be featured on the website? Here are some tips and guidelines that will increase the chances of your photos being accepted.

What Type of Photos Are Ideal?

Whether your style is simple and modern or charming and romantic, Style Me Pretty is looking for original, unique reflections of the bride's personality and style to provide inspiration for readers' upcoming weddings. Weddings that demonstrate a new approach to an old style or an infusion of cultures are of special interest. Because the blog attracts a wide range of readers, photographs ideally feature brides in every size, shape and color, from all backgrounds and income levels. What unifies the weddings featured on the site is their chic style, individuality and inspiration! All submissions must be original and exclusive to Style Me Pretty.

If you are particularly creative or budget-savvy, you can share your own DIY wedding projects and tips for decorating on a budget. Tell your unique story in a series of photos, with instructions on how to execute your ideas. Show how you used an unusual indoor or outdoor space as your wedding venue, or share your destination wedding story. Highlight unique angled shots and your interesting use of trees, flowers, lights or nontraditional decor. And remember, your submission doesn't have to be limited to your wedding. You can also show off photos from related events.

What Makes a Good Submission?

  • Familiarize yourself with the blog. Browse the site to get a better understanding of the type of submissions that are typically accepted.
  • Review the guidelines. Pay attention to the guidelines and gather everything you need before submitting.
  • Follow the process. Fill out the required sections on the submission page in detail. Remember to include the location (city and state) in the title and don't forget to provide the full names of the bride and the groom.
  • Write a detailed description. The bride should write a comprehensive story of the wedding (or party), including unique details, tips and instructions for completing the DIY projects.
  • Choose images carefully. Select images that tell a story and communicate the highlights of your special day. The images that are most likely to be accepted may not be your personal favorites. Style Me Pretty features wedding images that show off style rather than memories.

Use these tips to choose the best images:


  • submit 60 to 150 images (900 pixels wide)
  • choose clean, simple photos with the same style and color
  • include pictures that focus on the apparel and accessories of the bride, the groom, the bridal party and the decor


  • submit black and white photos (they are rarely suitable)
  • include photos that capture your memories of the wedding day but don't show off the style
  • use photos with art effects or that have too much going on
  • Provide a complete vendor list. It is important to credit your vendors with a link to their websites and brief introductions.
  • Be patient. The blog receives approximately 400 submissions per week, so be patient when waiting for a response. On average it takes four weeks to hear back.
  • Be open to feedback. Accept constructive criticism and ask questions.

Following these tips will help you create a photo collection with the most potential to be accepted by Style Me Pretty, giving you the opportunity to showcase your wedding to the world!

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