Student Government

Harrington Student Government (HSG) is a group of elected officials that coordinates many of the activities around campus and assists with those of other groups. HSG hosts new student welcome events, Town Hall meetings and focus groups.

HSG also offers a voice for students to express feedback and questions or concerns regarding campus life, helping ensure that issues concerning the student body are addressed as quickly as possible with faculty and staff.

Overall, the organization aims to help make Harrington a more enjoyable educational and social experience for students. HSG also encourages the cross-collaboration of different groups on campus and assists students who are not yet involved to become a part of the diverse student and faculty population.

HSG’s office is located on the 2nd floor outside Suite 212. This space is for the students to ask Student Government representatives any questions they might have or to pick up information about other groups on campus.

All students are encouraged to attend meetings regularly to learn more about this student organization and current student issues. To contact HSG with any questions or concerns regarding school or off-campus issues, email