Manuel Estrada's "Design Odyssey" Gallery Exhibit on Display in Chicago

January 27, 2015

CHICAGO, Ill. (January 27, 2015) – Throughout the month of February, Harrington College of Design will celebrate the work of Manuel Estrada by hosting Estrada: Design Odyssey.

The collection is comprised of 50 projects, Titled ‘49 +1,’ features some of designer’s most personal and unseen work--forty-nine book covers and one logo. The showcase kicks off with a reception and “meet and greet” with Manuel Estrada on Monday, February 2nd from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Harrington College of Design (200 W Madison Street).

In addition to the exhibition, Harrington will feature a three day workshop hosted by Estrada titled Sketching Odyssey. A maximum of thirty-five participants will be shown how to reflect on their own design process by generating ideas through drawing, collage, photography and writing.

Estrada began his career in architecture before moving to design and founding a design studio in Madrid. Mainly devoted to corporate identity and editorial design, he has worked for some of the most significant cultural institutions and companies in Spain. Through Estrada’s designs one can encounter the writers, institutions and events that are at the core of contemporary Spanish life.

Design is traveling to an unrevealed destination. Milton Glaser defines the process as moving forward in the fog. A journey throughout the unknown that ceases to be strange for the designer once he gets over and decrypts it. On that trip, in that adventure, the designer uses every known weapon. One of them consists on drawing. As defined by John Berger, drawing is a search tool, a navigation instrument. A method that reveals us our own ideas. It provides solutions to problems we did not know how to hold. The exhibition 'Estrada: Design Odyssey' takes us, through 50 resolved cases, in a journey which is not always easy. But always exciting in the designer's job. –Manuel Estrada

Two of the covers begin featured received the ‘Good Design Award 2014’ granted by The Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. A prize that was born in Chicago in 1950 and that has one of the world’s most recognized design programs.

“This exhibit is an excellent creative learning opportunity and a compelling visual demonstration of creative and concept execution. I’m delighted that we are able to present and host this exhibition,” explains Max S. Shangle, President, Harrington College of Design.

The Estrada: Design Odyssey exhibit is free and open to the public. Tickets for the reception can be purchased at the door and are $10 per person with a $5 discount for AIGA/STA members and Harrington faculty/students. Admission to the workshop is $300 per person and anyone interested can register by contacting Perrin Stamatis at

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