Five Lucrative Freelance Photography Niches

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Five Lucrative Freelance Photography NichesIf you're planning to make a career out of your shutterbug skills, opening up your own freelance photography business may be your best bet. You'll not only have the freedom to choose your projects, you'll also be able to set your own rates. By specializing in a photography niche, you can earn top dollar for your skills. People are willing to pay a pretty penny for the following types of photos.


If you have an eye and love for architecture and design, you may want to consider snapping interiors and architecture for a living. With this highly sought-after skill, you can shoot for interior design and architecture firms, architecture-related blogs and websites, real estate agencies, and design magazines.


Are you a social butterfly? Shooting corporate events may be the niche for you. While your ability to blend in to the background and get great shots is important, enjoying being around a lot of people will make this a perfect fit for an outgoing personality. Do a great job for corporate clients, and you may also have the opportunity to do other types of corporate photography, such as executive head shots.


Many families periodically have photos taken to remember their growing brood. If you have a way with kids, who are often squirmy and don't smile or look at the camera, this may be a fun niche for you. Consider whether you'd like to shoot at a studio or on location in natural settings, such as the beach or the woods. Offer special packages at convenient times of the year. For example, offer a deal right before the holidays, just in time for families to use the pictures for their Christmas cards.


New parents want to capture their new bundle of joy in pictures — lots and lots of pictures. As a photographer for newborns, you can establish a very special niche. You may be able to find plenty of business because parents want cute and creative pictures of their little one. You can further specialize by dressing up babies in costume as little creatures, such as ladybugs or turtles, or staging old-fashioned prints of babies wearing vintage-style clothes and accessories.


Every bride wants their wedding day to be perfect. To ensure that they have gorgeous, romantic shots to look back on in the coming years, many brides are willing to pay for the best wedding photography their money can afford. This creates plenty of business opportunities for wedding photographers. Offer other packages, such as engagement sessions, boudoir photos and trash-the-dress photos, to build customer relationships and keep up your bookings. This is an incredibly competitive freelance photography market. You must be at the top of your game with your photography skills, and you also need to know how to market yourself to prospective clients in your area.

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