Interior Design Tips: Five Elements of a Successful Space

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Interior Design Tips: Five Elements of a Successful SpaceThere's no secret formula that makes an interior work; it takes experience and education to learn to know what is going to make a room really pop. Start with these easy interior design tips and ideas to help transfer whichever space you are working on.


Everything in an interior space needs to have proper balance. The proportions, lines and shapes of furniture pieces are important and should all appear balanced against one another. For example, two accent chairs may look great on either side of a small, low, round accent table for a cozy conversation area. Those same chairs and an oversize rectangular upholstered ottoman might look awkward. (Tip: If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't balanced.) Having that balance between furniture pieces is key.


In each space, create a focal point or main feature to draw the eye. This could be something that already exists in the space, such as a beautiful window or fireplace, or it could be something you add to it, such as a large piece of artwork or a new reclaimed wood feature wall. Let all the other details in the space highlight or point to your focal point so it stands out. Emphasizing your focal point will make your interior look more professional and well thought-out.


An interior should feel harmonious rather than confusing. If you're trying too many styles or colors, it can be difficult to feel comfortable when you're in the room. Instead, focus on no more than a few key styles and colors, then repeat them throughout for a more pulled-together look.


Bring a space to life by using rhythm. You can do this by expertly injecting color, pattern and repetition throughout. Repeat similar shapes in furniture pieces, line the walls with framed artwork in varying colors in the same neutral-colored frames, or mix a fun combination of polka dots and stripes in all of your fabrics. Get creative here and add plenty of personality to your space.


Scale refers to the relationship between objects in a space when it comes to shape, size and number. Each item in the room should be balanced, but they don't have to be identical. You can, for example, juxtapose larger-scale objects with smaller-scale ones. Scale is what gives the space character.

So, whether you're designing a room for the first time or giving one a makeover, use these interior design tips to make the space the best that it can be!

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